Building A Successful Blog That Actually Makes Money! 

Discover the HUGE potential of blogging that you never knew was possible.



Did you know that your blog has the power to be your BIGGEST MONEY MAKER?

Learn the formula to create a successful blog and use it to:

  • Earn passive income that keeps coming in, even while you're sipping cocktails on a beach.
  • Live life on your terms with the flexibility to set your own working hours.
  • Have the satisfaction of being your own boss and answering to no one but yourself.
  • Travel whenever you want, wherever you want, knowing that your blog's income will sustain your desired lifestyle.
  • Live the financially free and independent life you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Inside Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0, transform your passion into profits and watch your dreams become reality.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Have a successful money-making blog
  • Be location and financially independent
  • Be generating passive income

Effective blogging strategies make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy.


Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0

Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0 is a PROVEN PROCESS that will take you from an Aspiring Blogger to a Blogging Expert with a profitable online business!

Inside JMBA you’ll get access to:

  • 7 step-by-step Training Modules that turn everything you think you know about blogging completely on its head so you can see how today's successful bloggers actually do it!

  • Bonuses including checklists, blueprints, and resources so you have an instruction manual style Playbook for transforming your blog into a money-making machine!

  • How To Travel For FREE Masterclass where I teach you my complete Pitching Process to get collaborations with tour companies, tourism boards, and luxury hotels!

  • Fill-in-the-blank Email and IG Templates for pitching brands, hotels, and tourism boards!

  • Access to a Private Community to get the support, clarity, and answers you need!


By the end, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge, and have a ton of traffic and revenue flowing to your website!

With the smart blogging practices I will teach you inside JMBA, you can start living the life of your dreams.

What My Students Are Saying

"I have learned so much about blogging and I’m so excited about all the opportunities. Jonny’s been so helpful to me and I couldn’t be more thankful."


"Thanks so much for putting this all together Jonny. The modules are really easy to follow and exactly what I needed."

 — MARK C.

"I finally passed 20k pageviews in a 30-day period! Thanks Jonny for your course. Helpful tips, and success to aspire to!"

 — ZOE S.

"I've been binge-watching the course and haven't had any decent sleep because it's chock-full of golden nuggets. Thank you for putting it together Jonny!"

 — JHA E.

What's Included In Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0


Let me show you what's waiting for you inside once you become a member!


Before You Get Started

In Module 1, we’ll start out with the very basics — you'll identify your purpose and where you see your blogging journey taking you plus having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Specifically, we’ll look at;

  • Establishing your WHY.
  • Choosing your Niche.
  • Deciding on a name for your blog.
  • Registering your name on all platforms.

Once we've uncovered these important fundamentals, we'll move on to...


Starting A Blog From Scratch

In Module 2, we'll first dive into an overview of getting started and understanding the framework of your blog.

We'll then get into the blog setup process which includes;

  • Choosing a Domain Name and Hosting Provider.
  • Downloading and Installing WordPress.
  • Choosing a Theme.
  • How to use WordPress.
  • Installing Plug-ins.
  • Creating Pages and Posts.
  • Setting Up Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Setting up your Mailing List and Integration.


I guide you through the same steps and processes that I use to get you quickly UNSTUCK and ON TRACK, so you can face any challenge with confidence and clarity, knowing you’ll be all set up correctly.


SEO Masterclass (Search Engine Optimisation)

What the heck is SEO you ask?

Have you ever wondered how other bloggers get hundreds of thousands of visitors to their site from Google?

That's right. It's this little thing called SEO and it's the most VITAL ingredient to have blogging success!

So in this module, we cover everything you need to know about SEO and how to strategically optimize your posts to generate thousands of organic views from Google.


  • The Beginner's Guide to SEO!
  • What are Keywords and the importance of them.
  • The best Keyword Research tool for your blog and how to find high-quality keywords that rank!
  • Understanding On-Page SEO and how to structure SEO-optimized posts.
  • Link Building and Establishing Authority.
  • My SECRET SEO STRATEGY for ranking on the 1st page of Google!


By the end of this module, you'll clearly understand the entire process for publishing SEO-optimized articles by following my exact SEO strategy.

You'll be able to stop wasting time writing content that doesn't rank, and instead write articles that do generate traffic which ultimately will get you more time, freedom, and money to live life how YOU want!

From there, we move on to…


How To Make Money With Your Blog

How do you make money with a blog?

Has the voice in your head ever said that?

It’s a common question that nearly all aspiring bloggers have. And it comes from their lack of understanding of Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Page Advertisements and Selling Products.

Done right, a solid Affiliate Marketing Strategy means your blog can make money while you sleep!

In this module, you get a complete overview of all the ways you can make money with your blog.


  • An understanding of Active Income vs. Passive Income.
  • How to get set up with Affiliate Marketing Programs and integrate them the right way!
  • A Proven Process inside my Affiliate Marketing Masterclass that makes you money left, right and center!
  • Understanding Sponsored Posts and how to find opportunities.
  • The best practices for selling products on your blog!


More than that, you’ll actually learn my secrets for combining SEO and Affiliate Marketing to generate passive income.

Then it's time for…


Blogging In Action

In Module 5, we'll be covering Photography For Your Blog and Creating Content In The Field.


  • The forward-thinking mindset for capturing amazing photos that are worthy of magazines and selling prints!
  • Photography Cheatsheet and Resource Guides.
  • My recommended camera gear for blogging.
  • An immersive lesson where you'll virtually join me in the field and discover my workflow for shooting locations and what information you need to collect to create a compelling blog post.




Once you've captured the images and collected all the information for your blog post, it's time for the Post-Production phase.

In this module we cover;

  • Best Practices for organizing your content.
  • Downloading and installing Adobe Lightroom.
  • How to use and edit images in Lightroom.
  • Best export settings for your images.
  • Uploading images to your blog.

By the end, you'll be able to streamline your post-production workflow so you can start cranking out your blog posts.


Scaling Your Blog

It’s the ultimate goal of every aspiring blogger —

To get more traffic. To earn more money.

And do it all while working less. (YES… It is possible.)

In this module, you’ll see how to build a team, outsource tasks and grow your blog to 2x, 5x even 10x more. All without working 10 times harder.

We look at scaling your blog through a completely different lens. One that lets you eliminate time and effort-wasting activities that don’t move your blog forward. And zero in on the ones that do!


  • What to actually focus on in your blog so you can grow more while working less!
  • How to effectively scale your blog for massive results!
  • How to automate and LET GO so you can spend more time enjoying life!

You’ll generate more traffic while working less and catapult your blog to a level of success you never thought possible!

JMBA Is For You If...

  • You're brand new to blogging and don't know where to start

  • OR you already have a blog but aren't getting the results that you want (aka money 🤑)

  • You're determined to escape the 9-to-5 grind and work on your terms

  • You're eager to turn your passion into profit and make 6 figures+ per year

  • You dream of living a more comfortable life that aligns with your aspirations


Student Love ❤️...

"It really is a step-by-step guide with all the hard work done for you and easy-to-follow modules"

Since joining, I’ve had a company pay for three of my blogs which is pretty cool. I definitely never thought I would get to this point without Jonny’s help. The academy for me has been really good and has given me the confidence to know that it does work and it can work for basically anyone. I highly recommend Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy if you’re thinking about getting into blogging.

- Krista May, Photographer & Blogger


Student Love ❤️...


"It really is a step-by-step guide with all the hard work already done for you and easy-to-follow modules"

Since joining, I’ve had a company pay for three of my blogs which is pretty cool. I definitely never thought I would get to this point without Jonny’s help. The Academy for me has been really good and has given me the confidence to know that it does work and it can work for basically anyone. I highly recommend Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy if you’re thinking about getting into blogging.

- Krista May, Photographer & Blogger


I'm Jonny Melon

I'm a professional blogger, photographer and location-independent entrepreneur from Australia.

After graduating school, I worked an unfulfilling construction job for 7 years, and whenever I had time off work, I took a few short trips overseas and got sick with the travel bug!

Consequently, that sparked my passion for travel and eagerness to see more of the world.

So I quit my dead-end job, sold everything I owned, and booked a one-way ticket overseas to begin a new journey.

While I was on the road, I launched my blog and it was the BEST DECISION I've ever made!

Fast forward to today, I’ve been continuously traveling for 6 years and have built my blog into a multi-six-figure business!

I've accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience in the industry and my goal now is to empower aspiring bloggers with this knowledge and to set them on the surest path to Blogging Success!

I Have Some Extra “Goodies” For You


The main modules of JMBA will completely transform the way you approach blogging. But that’s only the beginning.

When you join Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy, you also get 7 MASSIVE Bonuses to make your progress even faster and your success even easier, and tools that simplify everything you do!





OK. This is it! THIS is the piece you've been waiting for!

The Ultimate Blueprint for Structuring a Blog Post so you will never miss any steps to creating an SEO-optimized post.

My Ultimate Blog Post Blueprint includes...

  • Where to integrate Keywords into your content.
  • Best practices for the blog post intro and length of post.
  • Optimizing for readability and user experience.
  • Creating Compelling Headlines and Meta Descriptions.

This Ultimate Blog Post Blueprint and MORE are available inside Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0.



If you're one of my students who is just starting out... perhaps you don't know how to promote your blog posts to boost your traffic... then this BONUS CHECKLIST was made for you!

I've included this Blog Post Traffic Booster Checklist to make sure you cover all the steps for getting your blog post seen as soon as you hit that publish button.

After seeing so many bloggers struggle to generate traffic (and this may be you right now!), I noticed that this was causing them to completely miss out on getting pageviews right off the bat.



Ever wondered how it's possible to travel for free, get collaborations with tour companies and tourism boards, and stay in 5-star luxury hotels around the world?

In this BONUS MASTERCLASS, I run you through my exact Pitching Process how I've been able to stay at some of the world's leading luxury hotels, and how I travel for free and get paid by tourism boards and tour companies!

Inside you'll discover...

  • Best practices for approaching tour companies, tourism boards, and accommodations.
  • How to position yourself to stand out above the rest!
  • Discussing deliverables and how to upsell.
  • Establishing how much you are worth and what to charge.


You'll get instant access to all of this once you enroll in Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0!



We already know that there are things you WANT to say... but sometimes you just don’t know how to say them... or maybe you don't even know what the right approach is.

In this bonus gift, you’ll get my fill-in-the-blank E-mail Templates that are proven to work and are designed to make you stand out in a crowd when reaching out to brands, hotels, and tourism boards.



A lot of businesses, brands, hotels, tour companies, etc. use Instagram on a daily basis, and this can sometimes be the easiest and fastest approach for getting in touch with a potential client that you're interested in collaborating with.

That's why I have curated the perfect copy-and-paste Instagram DM Templates to make the reaching out process easy for you!



Have any course-related questions?

You'll also get instant access to Jonny Melon's Private Facebook Community for Extra Support and for you to surround yourself with people who want to grow alongside you!



The Blogger's Bible will be your go-to guide with all the helpful links and resources you'll use on a weekly basis – all in one place!

You'll also get access to the Blogging Glossary which contains all the confusing terminology simplified so it's easier for you to understand the techy terms.

Get Started on Becoming a Successful Blogger TODAY with JONNY MELON'S BLOGGING ACADEMY 2.0! 


Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy Members-Only Community

Real People In A Real & Supportive Community

If you're like me, then you know starting and growing a blog can be lonely... trying to figure out everything on your own, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to when you have questions or doubts.

That never happens again once you join Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy Private Community.

You surround yourself with a brilliant support network. One that answers your questions, picks you up when you’re down, and gives you the kick in the pants you need to stay on track and true to your goals.

You may be thinking...

That sounds like a TON of Stuff! I Know!

All of it seems a little overwhelming, but believe me…

It’s not.

I created Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy to eliminate overwhelm — not create more... to make blogging easier for you, not harder.

It’s designed to make your transformation from an aspiring blogger to a Successful Blogger easy and fun!

All the lessons and exercises are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks. You won’t get blasted with hours and hours of videos that suck up all your free time!

More importantly, all the content is laid out so you build momentum.

Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy will be your SUREST PATH to success!

I'm going to give you 14 days to try Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy and prove to yourself that it’ll deliver the results I’m promising you. If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact me and I’ll happily refund your investment.

But full disclosure…
there is one catch.

You have to prove to me that you did the work. And the reason is simple… nothing works unless you use it.

If you’re committed to taking action, then this is one of the most generous guarantees you’ll ever get.

Because it gives you 14 days to go through all the video lessons. 2 weeks to test, to refine, to implement, and to build momentum.


You use this program for up to 14 days:

If you’re not absolutely amazed with the results you get lauching your blog…

If you’re not looking at your blogging journey from a whole new perspective of “I got this, no problem”…

Simply let me know, show me the work you’ve done, and I’ll refund your entire investment.

If that’s not fair, I don’t know what is.

Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0

Low Monthly

3 Installments of $219

(Just $219 Today)


Best Value

1 Installment of $497

(Just $497 Today - Save $160)


Student Love ❤️...


“I am confident that my blog is now on track to success”

The experience so far from the course has been nothing short of incredible. I was looking for that extra field to get into that would compliment my work and also provide me with a good opportunity to accomplish my goal of travel, freedom, and earning an income at the same time.

- Josh Falls, Blogger & Content Creator

Okay, let's recap!

When you join Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0, you get instant access to:

  • 7 step-by-step Blog-Building Video Modules that take you by the hand to transform your blog into a money-making machine! (Value: $997)
  • Plus you get all of my proven checklists, blueprints, and resources! (Value: $96) 
  • Access to the How To Travel For FREE Masterclass! (Value: $197) 
  • Fill-in-the-blank Email and IG Templates for pitching brands, hotels and tourism boards! (Value: $96) 
  • Access to a Private Community for Extra Support and Accountability! (Value: $297)
  • And a downloadable copy of The Blogger's Bible (Value: $47)


($1,730 to be exact)

So Now It’s Time For You To Make One Of Two Choices…


The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to build, grow, and monetize your blog and live the life that you want, then your choice is obvious:

Join me inside Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy 2.0 and start your transformation to becoming the Successful Blogger you know you were meant to be.




Because this registration period won’t be open forever…


Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy is only open for enrollment a few times per year.

And each time I'll be raising the price as I continue to add more value and updates to the course contents.

Become a member today and don't miss out on the chance to transform yourself, your business, and your life.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right tools, and with the right support, you can transform your life and I will be there to help.

So don’t waste another year dreaming about what could be.


Join Me Now & Make Your Dreams A Reality

Low Monthly

3 Installments of $219

(Just $219 Today)


Best Value

1 Installment of $497

(Just $497 Today - Save $160)



Your Most Popular Questions Answered

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in Jonny Melon's Blogging Academy?

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to me via email at [email protected] so I can assist you. Cool?