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Are you ready to take your blog to new heights?

I'm Jonny, a multi-six-figure blogging expert, ready to guide you every step of the way toward blogging success.

Whether you're a beginner looking to start a blog or an experienced blogger aiming to take your blog to the next level, I'm here to provide tailored guidance to suit your needs.

Get started today with my 1-on-1 Personalized Blog Coaching!

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Why Choose 1-on-1 Coaching?

🔥 Tailored Guidance:

Say goodbye to generic advice!

My personalized coaching is all about YOU and YOUR blog. We'll delve into your niche, goals, and individual style to craft a customized strategy that fits like a glove.

🔥 Expert Insights:

Gain exclusive access to insider knowledge from someone who's been there and conquered the blogging world.

Learn proven strategies that turbocharge traffic to your blog through SEO optimization, secrets to ranking on the 1st page of Google, and master the art of affiliate marketing to make consistent, passive income.

🔥 Actionable Feedback:

Tired of wondering if your content hits the mark?

With my coaching, you'll receive constructive feedback on your posts, help with refining your blog post structure, and content strategies for maximum reach.

🔥 Problem Solving:

Stuck in a rut?

Whether it's overcoming writer's block or strategizing monetization, I’m here to help you tackle challenges head-on and find creative solutions that align with your vision.

What My Students Are Saying...

"I have learned so much about blogging and I’m so excited about all the opportunities. Jonny’s been so helpful to me and I couldn’t be more thankful."

Abby Hagen - Blogger & Content Creator


What's Included in Your Coaching Journey?!

📌 Initial Blog Assessment:

We'll kick things off with a deep dive into your current blog. Together, we'll identify strengths, opportunities, and areas for growth.

📌 Customized Strategy:

Based on my assessment, I'll develop a step-by-step action plan tailored to your blog's unique needs and your personal goals.

📌 1-on-1 Sessions:

Regular coaching sessions where we'll discuss progress, optimize, brainstorm ideas, and fine-tune your approach.

It's like having a blogging buddy who's invested in your success! 

📌 Content Review:

Receive in-depth feedback on your selected blog posts. I'll help you refine your writing, structure, and SEO strategies for maximum impact.

📌 Unlimited Email Support:

Have burning questions between sessions? Shoot me an email anytime, and I'll provide guidance to keep you on track.

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Option 1: Ignite


Top Pick

🔥 1-on-1 Coaching Session

  • Duration: 1 session, 60 minutes
  • Personalized guidance and insights tailored to your blog's needs
  • Quick tips for SEO improvement and content enhancement
  • Actionable feedback and evaluation on one blog post
  • Follow-up email support

Option 2: Elevate


Most Popular

🚀 2x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Duration: 2 sessions, 60 minutes per session
  • In-depth discussion of your blog's progress and challenges
  • Detailed strategies for SEO optimization, affiliate marketing, and content enhancement
  • Actionable feedback and evaluation on two blog posts
  • Customized plan for long-term growth
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Option 3: Transform


Premium Choice

⭐️ 4x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Duration: 4 sessions, 60 minutes per session
  • Comprehensive analysis of your blog's performance, including SEO audit and affiliate marketing potential
  • Detailed content strategy to captivate your audience and maximize traffic
  • Actionable feedback and evaluation on four blog posts
  • Monetization strategies tailored to your niche
  • Ongoing guidance and support for continued success
  • Priority email support between sessions

Select the option that aligns with your blogging goals and budget, and let's embark on this journey together to elevate your blog's success!