About me

Hey friend,

I'm Jonny Melon — multi-six-figure blogger, photographer, and online entrepreneur from Australia.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been continuously traveling around the world seeking out epic adventures, cultural experiences, and exciting destinations.

After graduating high school, I worked in construction for about 7 years, and whenever I had time off work, I took a few short trips overseas and got sick with the travel bug! Consequently, that’s what sparked my passion for travel and eagerness to see more of the world.

So in 2017, I quit my job, started a blog, and booked a one-way ticket overseas to begin a new journey with just a bag, laptop, and camera in hand.

Fast forward to today, I've visited more than 65 countries and have worked with some of the world's most leading tourism boards, brands, hotels, and airlines.

I've accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience in the tourism industry and have transformed my blog into a very profitable online business!

My goal now is to empower aspiring bloggers by providing them with the tools and knowledge to set them on the surest path to success in the blogging world.

SO, are you ready to take full control of your life and turn your passion into profits?!

If it's a HELL YES, then see below for how we can get started together!

To your success, Jonny Melon 🍉

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